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80% of the human brain develops in the first 5 years of a child's life. A toy library is the best way to give your child hundreds of premium toys to play with - at a fraction of their cost, without running to a toy store each time, and without the headache of storing old toys. Simply Play, Learn & Return! (P.S. You can pick any combination of toys, books, CD/DVD, games, puzzles, including toys in the Big Toys on Rent catalogue under Weekly toy service plans)

Read this beautiful book to be a part of the family living in the cara..
The Nesting Eggs are a bunch of five colourful take-apart eggs that ar..
This amazing train can run on the floor as well as on the tracks. Watc..
Beautiful wooden 5 blossom farm animals. Lift each animal and hear its..
Meet the World’s Funniest First Grader—Junie B. Jones! A mixture o..
This story of Bubbles will teach a new lesson to your little one. Simp..
Grolier series of books is a great series for enhancing knowledge and ..
This book consists of 7 wonderful stories is a must-read by every chil..
Books at this level, have short compelling stories, and are written wi..
The story of how a little bird endures the abuses and miseries as he w..
A very interesting book about Laura and her pet dog Jack. You will enj..
Books at this level, have short compelling stories, and are written wi..
Discover the adventurous tale of Winnie The Pooh. Read and find out w..
This exciting Q Book features BRAND NEW “drag and drop” technology..
Sitting babies can discover lights, sounds, music and hands-on activit..
Perfect companions to create a scene in a kitchen, or at the supermark..
Dont make the monkeys tumble, else you will lose. Co-ordinate your han..
One of 4 books in this series. This one is about a pony and a bumblebe..
A 3-piece hexagonal jigsaw game to be completed with the help of a ref..
Lay out the pieces of the jigsaw puzzles and carefully arrange them to..
Join these objects with their corresponding colours and learn their na..
A Highly Creative Maths Game is based on Geometry! This board game for..
Castle is a Building Block set which will keep children occupied for h..
Asterix or The Adventures of Asterixis a series of French comics. Fun,..








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