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Safe & Clean

Safety and Hygiene are of primary importance to us

When it comes to your child’s safety, there is no compromise. We take utmost care to keep the toys safe & clean and have adopted rigorous safety & hygiene standards

Toy quality

At, we are committed to provide toys that will not only promote your child’s skill development, but are also top quality and safe to use. We keep only branded toys and trust the best, like Early Learning Center, Fisher Price, Chicco, Leapfrog, Funskool, Melissa and Dough, Chalk and Chuckles, Fab n Funky, Hot Wheels, Vtech, Traveller Kids, Skillofun etc. So, you never have to worry about exposing your child to toxic, poor quality toys

Toy cleaning and Ultra Violet (UV) Ray sanitization

Toys are thoroughly cleaned with high quality cleaning solution, Ultra Violet (UV) Ray sanitized, quality checked and then sealed before going back into circulation. The use of ultra violet rays for sanitization after cleaning ensures 99.99% bacteria/germs free toys. After cleaning and sanitization, toys are quality checked before getting sealed hermetically which keeps them dust free and are as hygienic as brand new toys. The seal is opened only at the subscriber's end and is non-reusable.

Specially customized toy jackets are provided with all toys that have multiple pieces. This makes it easy for kids/parents to store toys when not in use, and also minimizes chances of part loss/damage

Mechanical and physical inspection

We perform complete mechanical and physical inspection of the toys after return from subscribers in order to ensure that the toys are damage free before the next delivery

Toy Donation

Our philosophy is to make the best use of toys throughout their life cycle. We donate our old toys that go out of circulation due to regular wear and tear (but are in working/playable condition) to NGOs

Book Library Upkeep

The same processes of rigorous cleaning and checking (as above) are followed for our Book Library as well. If you find a missing page in any of our books and bring it to the notice of our Toyman at the time of delivery, we will give you a free week of book service








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