About Rashi Ganeriwala

I am a 33 year old Kolkata based, born and brought up regular city girl who loves her city no matter what. I don't believe much in luck and hence would say I have been smart enough to grab every opportunity that life has thrown at me. My constant urge to learn something new has made me dabble into varied styles of work. Be it advertising, or running a call centre training institute to teaching in a Montessori school or my work at present, being the co-founder of a Kolkata based activity centre for kids CHIP N DALE, the one thing that remained constant in all this, is my want to do creatively inclined work. Especially after having my own child, I realized my interest towards designing meaningful programmes for the little ones that would make them smile and learn something new at the end of the day. But all along, what always intrigued me was to understand the mind of a child, what is he/she thinking, wanting, feeling, or trying to express. Precisely why I was driven to do a diploma course in Psychological counselling that now makes me a certified counselor. But besides grabbing the degree, I feel I am in a better off place today to understand my daughter and the various kids who come to me for classes. It makes me who I am today, complete, content and happy:)