A Matter of Expression

03rd Aug 2016  [84 views]

Portrait of beautiful smiling cute baby

A new born baby only knows how to cry. She cries for hunger, fear & attention. But as she grows she learns to smile. She learns the art of attracting ma, papa, dada, dadi towards her.

She notices & understands everything she can while still in bed. She hears different voices and tries to recognise them. Gradually she learns to crawl and moves ahead of all boundaries. She explores everything around her and learns new things all the time.

Everyday she wakes up with a new agenda and a new ‘shaitani’ lined up in her eyes. She will roll of the bed sometimes and then cry for mumma to notice and pick her up.

She crawls under the table and then screams at a high pitch in a manner to call out to mumma, as if she wants to say “I don’t know how to get out.

Yes that’s my little daughter I am talking about. I would always have to walk around with a hawk’s eye to make sure she is safe!

Next few months were spent in planning her 1st birthday! It was a totally joyous experience to gather family and loved ones. Then came her “first walk”. I didn’t wanted to compare her with other kids of her age who had started to walk! Her walker arrived and she was totally in love with it. One day, holding comb on one hand, she ran on her own….that was her remarkable journey. She laughed with joy & I cried.

She has learned the art of expressing with a smile, laugh and lots of tiny kisses. She loves dressing up and walks like a princess with utmost grace. She has learned to say “thank you” and “welcome”.

But we parents at times, forget to Express!!

1. We don’t appreciate the good food we are served (we always comment on what we don’t like)
2. Usually eating and chatting on gadgets goes side by side, we eat without any interest
3. Once children grow up, we forget to praise
4. We remain quiet when it’s time to speak & clear misunderstandings

I think life can be simple & happy but we make it boring & full of worries. Play with your kids, be involved in their assignments & other school tasks. Live your life to the fullest, spend quality time, exchange thoughts, cook together, eat together & laugh together. It will bind the whole family together & will make home a warm place to come back to.





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