Brain Mapping Using fingerprints – How can it help your child?

03rd Jun 2016   By Sukirat Singh  [152 views]


No two fingerprints are alike- the right hand differs from the left hand and every individual on this planet has different sets of fingerprints, making this part of the human body perhaps the most unique. Fingerprints being unique, can help us get personalized solutions to some of the real life problems faced by kids and teenagers.

  • Can’t concentrate
  • Lack of interest
  • Hyperactivity
  • Confused about career
  • Commits careless mistakes
  • Low confidence
  • Difficulty in socialization
  • Stubbornness
  • Possessiveness


How Brain Mapping Using fingerprints can help kids/teenagers?

  • Gives you proper parenting tips on how to handle your child depending upon his personality. E.g. your child might be a kinesthetic leaner and you are assuming that he is hyperactive
  • Enhances learning by identifying learning and acquiring style
  • Personalize academic and extra curricular activities. E.g. Due to Peer/Parent pressure the child might have joined taekwondo class while his real interest lies in learning music
  • Makes academic and career choice easy by identifying which career is best suited for your child
  • Boosts confidence and makes socialization easier. E.g. your child might have low inter-personal intelligence and you might be forcing him to mix up with friends desperately. He can improve with the tips and tricks shared during counselling.


These all are just tip of an iceberg, you can literally help transform your child by recognizing and utilizing his/her inborn talents. Choice is yours to make! To know more, on Brain mapping using fingerprints, call our FT Mompreneur Sukirat Singh @ 98736 81681

Some success stories of Brain mapping using fingerprints

“Raghav (6 years) and Nikita (11 year old) were stressed and  struggling in their school homework, exams and tuition. Exams results were below average and peer pressures to excel in school really pushed them to their limit. We got their Fingerprint Scanning test done and also enrolled them for “MidBrain Activation” workshop. Now my kids are able to concentrate better, have improved memory and even perform blindfold reading. They have undergone such tremendous transformation and go through the test with such ease now.” – Ankur Arora

“After 10th exams, my son was indecisive about what subjects to choose. After taking Fingerprint Scanning test, he came to know about the best subjects that he should choose to excel in life later which correspond to his innate talent.” – Sudesh Sharma

“My son is 5 year old and doesn’t sit patiently for even a minute. On top of that, whenever he sits down to study he is either hungry or has to go to loo. I visited few psychiatrists as well but was told “kids will be kids”. Then my friend suggested me to take the Fingerprint Scanning test and I am happy that I did. I learnt that he is a kinesthetic learner and with proper guidelines from the team. Could not thank the team enough for making our lives easier.” – Sharanjit Kaur

“The concept is new and nice. I got to know the hidden talents and learning style of my child and how to improve them. I would like to thank the team for guiding us about this concept. The parenting tips given by the team were very useful for good parenting. I would like to thank the whole group and wish them good luck.”- Simran Singh

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