Around the World Birthday Party – for the globe trotters!

24th Mar 2015  [29 views]


After our last blog on Eco-friendly Birthay Party – for the socially conscious kids! Here is another interesting theme for you. Who doesn’t like holidays and travel? And what better way to celebrate your birthday than to bring in the travel theme? This may sound complicated but is really simple to execute! All you need is:

1. Invitation

Have a boarding pass invitation. You can call the plane “Mom & Me Airlines”, have a flight date, flight time, Destination and Boarding Time. The RSVP can be to the pilot. A simple invite like this goes a long way in adding to the theme. If your budget permits, you can send a globe along with the invite too. See options at Globe Designs.

2. Décor

Print out colourful flags of the world and hang them across the room/garden. You can also have mini globe cutouts suspended from different places. You can also order customized balloons to match the theme.

3. Games & Entertainment

Hop Around the World

This is like the popular game Twister, but with a difference! The twister mat is actually a large 6 feet by 4 feet world map. Kids can start around the map that is laid out on the floor. The referee starts calling out names of countries and which hand and leg has to be placed on that country. Kids have to start putting their hands and legs on countries that are called out. While they put their right hand on Australia, they may have to put their left leg on China and then the right leg on South America! As they do these acrobatics, kids that lose balance and fall are out of the game. The last person standing is the winner. This is a great game for kids that are 5 years plus. Send email order here.

Play Passport Kit

The Play Passport Kit is the most fun way to learn about countries. It contains a Play passport, 12 visa stickers, 12 flag stickers, Hello in 12 languages and 12 monument stickers of different countries. View details at Play Passport Kit.

World Bingo

Everyone loves a game of housie! Kids are given erasable world maps as housie tickets. Different countries are marked out on different maps. As the referee starts calling out names of countries, you have to look for that country on your map. If it is marked, you can cross it out. The first person who manages to cross out all countries in a continent is the king or queen of that continent. The first person to cross out all on the map is the king or queen of the world! A fun and educative game for a group of kids. View details at World Bingo.

4. Cake & Food

Order a globe-shaped or a world map-shaped cake. Food items can be from around the world with country flags for added décor. Example, have a small China flag near noodles, Italy flag near pasta and India flag near idlis!

5. Return Gifts

Mapology World’s Largest Countries

A fun way to know the top 25 countries. Just assemble the puzzle pieces of various countries to complete the world map. You will learn the names, locations, sizes and shapes of the world’s largest countries in a fun-way! View details at Mapology World’s Largest Countries.

Travel Tales

What’s more fun than travelling, is creating a record of the memories of your travels! The Travel Tales scrapbook enables the child to record details of travel with pictures and details of the trip. The book also has over a 100 cool stickers of smileys, and other cute emoticons. There are pages with checklists, and pages to just doodle around! View details at Travel Tales.

Colouring Jigsaw Puzzle

A 30 piece two-sided jigsaw puzzle to teach children about the 7 continents. One side features a colourful world map with the continents marked. Kids learn by colouring the other side with the same world map drawn. View details at Colouring Jigsaw Puzzle.

Country Collectible Cards

The most fun way to play and learn about the countries of the world. These country collectible cards can be collected, traded, played as trump cards, or be used as a learning aid. Each card is based on one country and has a flag, a popular monument, fun fact, population, area and the countries happiness ranking! Set of 50 cards. View details at Country Collectible Cards.

Watch this space for cool birthday themes as we will keep sharing them regularly. Do share your feedback with us in comments box below. Also see our blogs on Arty Party – A tried and tested fun birthday party theme, Movie Party – The simplest birthday party theme to execute, Li’l Masterchef – A Superhit birthday party theme and Best return gift ideas for kids birthday parties




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