PARENTING CAFE salutes these moms on Mothers Day

13th May 2017 [95 views]

A beautiful mother once said, "When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child” Moms work hard for their kids and strike a great balance in bringing....Read more

5 things that change when you have a baby

14th Apr 2017 [67 views]
Devoted mother taking photo of herself and son with camera

Babies come in your life and change the way you think; you visualise everything with a different perspective. Your responsibility increases from none to tonnes. These are the 5 things which happen with all moms, do read and send your experiences....Read more

20 Things only Moms can relate to

06th Mar 2017 [67 views]

All babies are different and there is no fixed pattern to follow with these cute little monsters. Parenting is a lot of fun, it's just that the approach needs to be correct and one needs to be patient even at 2 AM in the morning! You forget all your....Read more

5 things only siblings can do for you

22nd Feb 2017 [63 views]

Siblings play the role of your mom, dad, friend, teacher, guide and so much more. Siblings influence each other a lot too. If you have a sibling, you will know that these are some of the things only a sibling can do for....Read more

5 Movies you must watch with your kids

03rd Feb 2017 [100 views]

Movies can be very inspiring, especially for kids. They put themselves in the shoes of the child actor or the hero of the film. Some movies can broaden their mindsets and also prove to be very educational in the long run. They teach very simple, yet....Read more

Mobile Play Zones have arrived – the best way to entertain kids!

16th Jan 2017 [151 views]
cover image

Birthday parties, play dates, family get togethers, picnics, Family Day at companies or even functions like weddings, mehendi etc; no matter what the occasion, keeping kids happily busy and entertained is one of the topmost priorities AND....Read more

#Heroes4Us – Bali Sanghvi, Co-founder, Active Little Readers

10th Jan 2017 [52 views]
Me and my boys

Bali is an inspirational woman who wears many hats. Writer, Entrepreneur, Counsellor, mother of twins and the list is endless. Her hard work and drive are inspirational and her smile is contagious. She is our Hero! FT – Tell us something about....Read more

5 Must Read Books for your child

06th Jan 2017 [38 views]

Reading is a great habit which needs to be imbibed in children. It's extremely infectious and interesting, and also a great way to divert them from the mobile and television. Stories with good moral values will help in building a great base in the....Read more

5 things that sports & games build in your child

30th Dec 2016 [61 views]

We all know that it is extremely important to include sports in your child's day-to-day activities right from the toddler age. All Work and No Play makes Jack a dull boy!   Here is a list of 5 Important things kids learn from....Read more

5 New Year Resolutions every parent must take

26th Dec 2016 [62 views]

As New Year's is approaching and we all are reflecting back on the year that has gone by and thinking of ways to improve the year that's about to start, we all make resolutions. Some make a mental note and some put it down on paper. But everyone....Read more

The real story of Christmas you must tell your kids

21st Dec 2016 [76 views]

For some of us Christmas is the best time of the year...putting up a Christmas tree, hanging stockings at the fireplace, exchanging gifts, watching the beautiful lights on the streets and much more. But most of the kids are unaware about the real....Read more

5 best zoos you must take your child to

15th Dec 2016 [28 views]

Kids would enjoy visiting the zoo this winter vacations. It’s fun to know about the various types of animals and their livelihood. Here are the five best zoos you must visit in different parts of India ARIGNAR ANNA ZOOLOGICAL PARK,....Read more

5 traditional games you must teach your child

06th Dec 2016 [87 views]

20 years back we spent our summer and winter holidays playing games that would physically exhaust us and inculcate skills like team management, strategy building, meeting the deadline and develop our sportsman spirit. There would never be a....Read more

Who says Yoga is only for adults?

30th Nov 2016 [56 views]

Yoga is the perfect way to end a child’s busy day and strike a great balance between health and food. Don’t run behind your kids all the time. Calm their hyper activeness and help them increase their concentration and focus by these five....Read more

Big B wishes his granddaughter Aaradhya as she turns five

19th Nov 2016 [108 views]

“Aaradhya is the most beautiful granddaughter in the whole wide world”, says proud grandfather Amitabh Bachchan. He wrote, “…though she turns 5, her countenance lingers close to 55! The children of this generation are so extraordinarily....Read more

#Heroes4Us – Shimona Talwar, Founder, Munchkins Events

03rd Nov 2016 [115 views]

Shimona is an enthusiastic & enterprising businesswoman who is always upto something new! She is also a loving & doting mother to her beautiful 5 year old daughter. Her energy inspires us. Shimona, you are our Hero! FT – Tell us....Read more

The Magic of Letters

04th Aug 2016   By Vandana Verma [122 views]

I was searching for an old photograph when I found this letter. It was written by my mother 10 years ago around the time of my son's birth. Reading through, memories and emotions of that time refreshed in my mind suddenly. I could feel a mist in....Read more

A Matter of Expression

03rd Aug 2016 [84 views]
Portrait of beautiful smiling cute baby

A new born baby only knows how to cry. She cries for hunger, fear & attention. But as she grows she learns to smile. She learns the art of attracting ma, papa, dada, dadi towards her. She notices & understands everything she can while....Read more

Ever Changing Meaning of Friendship

19th Jul 2016   By Priya Sundaram [262 views]

What is friendship? It's the relationship where two or more people can spend endless time doing everything under the sun - from talking to watching movies, to cribbing to doing nothing at all. Yet, enjoying each other's company. When you take....Read more

Abstract Memories of 80s Childhood

09th Jul 2016   By Priya Sundaram [95 views]

I am an 80s born and there are a lot of things about a typical 80s childhood that I wish to share. This nostalgic compilation is at its abstract best and they are the most memorable pieces of my life. Remember the Friday 8pm Chitrahaar,....Read more

I Want to Gift My Son Power!

08th Jul 2016   By Neha Sharma [165 views]

I am the mother of a little boy who has been filling our lives with love, excitement and energy ever since he was born. I’ve all sorts of dreams for him. I want him to be professionally successful, socially adored, emotionally strong and....Read more

Father Son Bonding

07th Jul 2016   By Vandana Verma [120 views]

Vacations were about to get over and my son enjoyed to the fullest this year. Suddenly, we realized that he had 2 book reviews as holiday homework, and that had not been done! I panicked! I started scolding him for being irresponsible and my son....Read more

My Child Is My God!

30th Jun 2016   By Pankhuri Omar Baranwal [247 views]

Experiences That Made Me Believe That God Comes Into Our Life In The Form Of A Child Imagine you are in a new place,  continuously gaped at like the CCTVs in Big Boss ka ghar. Wherever you look, people want you to smile at you; lying in bed all....Read more

Why Go Out to Work When You Can Work At Home

29th Jun 2016   By Smita Saxena [49 views]

The corporate world was very satisfying; great experiences, learning, frequent promotions and hikes. I was a responsible and sincere worker maintaining a great balance between work and home. Then I got pregnant and I quit work. It was my decision as....Read more

The Imperative Childhood Companion – TOYS

27th Jun 2016   By Priya Sundaram [131 views]

Do you remember your own childhood days? What comes to your mind? For me - along with the many first things, I could clearly remember the toys I played with. Ever thought how lackluster our childhood would have been without "Toys". Just like....Read more

Let Your Kids be BORED!!

15th Jun 2016   By Priya Sundaram [95 views]

Our generation is probably the only generation which has got the best of both the worlds. The world I refer here is - the Digital world. We spent our childhood playing on the road, getting dirty, rolling in mud, making new friends, having precious....Read more

Deep Gratitude Straight from the Heart of a Mother

14th Jun 2016   By Aditi Kohli [37 views]

Dear All, thank you for helping and supporting me through my incredible journey as a mother 1. God - for the great blessing of a beautiful child and giving the inner strength to do what is right for the child 2. Spiritual teacher, Guru, places....Read more

Let’s Cherish Our Child’s Dreams

11th Jun 2016   By Vandana Verma [35 views]

Summer vacations are going on. Summer camps are cropping up with some new activities each year. My son of 10 years shared the desire of learning guitar. Like each year he has already started swimming classes. Fortunately we found a good guitar....Read more

Are We Creating Utopia For Our Kids?

09th Jun 2016   By Neha Sharma [36 views]
Silhouette, group of happy children playing on meadow, sunset, summertime

Idealism is out, practicality is in… We want our children to have idols and role models in their lives, but do we want them to behave ‘ideally’? These are the times when having ideals and principles in life is not considered smart.....Read more

Brain Mapping Using fingerprints – How can it help your child?

03rd Jun 2016   By Sukirat Singh [152 views]

No two fingerprints are alike- the right hand differs from the left hand and every individual on this planet has different sets of fingerprints, making this part of the human body perhaps the most unique. Fingerprints being unique, can help us get....Read more

Is Your Child Getting “Me” Time?

19th May 2016   By Aditi Kohli [31 views]

In this frenzied pace of life, adults don't have a second to pause, reflect, breathe or be alive to really enjoy life. When did we last enjoy the blue sky or the wind rustling through the leaves or feel the grass beneath our bare feet? Having said....Read more

How DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) changed my life

10th May 2016   By Sukirat Singh [59 views]

Anxious and excited you enter the washroom and take the test. Voila! Two bright pink lines and you are on the top of the world and come out rocking and sharing the news with family and friends. And then the long wait follows till the D Day arrives....Read more

10 Things to Learn from Children

09th May 2016   By Aditi Kohli [39 views]
Little Professor

If we take a step back and realize how much we can learn from children - we will be surprised that instead of us -training them, we can be enriched by the way they live their lives. 1. Honesty A child is brutally honest to oneself and others.....Read more

#Heroes4Us – Pooja Bihani, Founder, Spaces and Design

06th May 2016 [57 views]

Pooja is a strong woman with a pure & loving heart. She balances her tough routine with as much ease as she makes a colourful craft with her son. She has always set the benchmark for herself very high, and she effortlessly crosses the boundaries....Read more

Emotions and Parenting – How to strike a balance?

29th Apr 2016   By Neha Sharma [40 views]

This one is for insecure papas… After a sea of write-ups about a child and a mother, this one is about a child and a father. Child rearing is one of the most interesting and challenging tasks in the world. The other day I was wondering....Read more

Weekend Activities – Make your own ABC

26th Apr 2016 [55 views]

After our blog on Weekend Activity - Apple Painting, we thought of sharing another interesting activity for your little one at home that is not only full of fun but involves loads of learning too. Learn ABC the artistic way! Draw, cut,....Read more

Play Zone for Parties – Testimonial by Ms. Sonal Sinha (Gurgaon)

26th Apr 2016 [52 views]

Thank you Ms. Sonal Sinha for the encouraging feedback. We thoroughly enjoyed setting up the Play Zone at Atharv's Birthday!

#Heroes4Us – Paromita Ghosh, Director, Candid Communication

07th Mar 2016 [26 views]

Paromita is ambitious yet soft, powerful yet loving to both her babies – Candid Communication and her son Vir respectively. She is the Director, Candid Communication and Candid School of Communication. She has not let her fire for success affect....Read more

#Heroes4Us – Neha Sharma, Founder,

07th Mar 2016 [37 views]

Neha lives her dream of starting her own website and is a wonderful mother too. She is the Founder of, a content portal on personal experiences, travel experiences, book reviews, movie reviews, hotel reviews, parenting articles,....Read more

I Love School wallpapers that kids will love

27th Aug 2015 [102 views]

Wallpapers are a wonderful gift for children. They are bright, transformational and personal. A cheerful wallpaper can lift your child’s mood after a long & tired day! What’s more, they are easy to put up, hassle-free, maintenance-free and....Read more

Weekend Activities – Apple Painting

27th Aug 2015 [37 views]
weekend activities-apple painting

After our blog on Weekend Activities - Homemade Clay Impressions, we were requested by moms to share some more ideas to spend a free afternoon or evening with kids. So here comes next! All you need is some newspapers to cover the floor, some....Read more

Talent Workshops – Imagination Workshop Birthday Celebration (Kolkata)

14th Jul 2015 [30 views]

We celebrated Chehek Bhalotia's birthday on the last day of our Imagination Workshop. Kids had a great time at the little birthday party!

Are we Creating a Good Tracing Sheet for our Kids?

14th Jul 2015   By Suman Manaksia [29 views]

Today as adults, we all know how to read and write. But remember how we learnt to write our first alphabet? We traced on the dotted line, and were told this is an A....and since then that is an A for us. We did not question. We believed because....Read more

Weekend Activities – Homemade clay impressions

08th Jul 2015 [36 views]

Staying indoors this monsoon? Have some fun at home with clay impressions! Clay impressions are a long-lasting memory that everyone cherishes forever. Did you know that there is no need to go to a professional to get this done? You can do it at home....Read more

I am a Mother without a Handbook. And I Love it!

30th Jun 2015   By Rashi Ganeriwala [28 views]

Hi all! I am a mother to a 4.7 year old princess, Manya. A part of me is an entrepreneur, a homemaker, a writer, a poet, an avid reader, a cook, a music lover but mostly a mother as that is the most pleasurable and fulfilling  pursuit of them....Read more

Weekend Activities – Homemade finger paint

29th Jun 2015 [59 views]

Weekends can get long if you don’t have something fun planned! With the monsoons coming in, it’s difficult to take your toddler out to play. Here is a fun tip to make your toddler have a great time indoors. Paranoid about giving your toddler....Read more

I can barely manage one, how do you raise twins?

19th Jun 2015   By Bali Sanghvi [36 views]

I have been asked many times, ‘How do you do it?’. All I do is smile and say. ‘Its actually very simple. I love it’. To which I just get confused stares. Raising twins is not easy, especially if you are a first time mother. But I firmly....Read more

Sweet and yummy wallpapers for your kids rooms

09th Jun 2015 [27 views]
sweet treats

Wallpapers are the easiest way to transform a kids room. It’s literally a makeover in a moment! Customized wallpapers will make your kids feel special as their room will reflect their true personality. After our blog Fantasy world wallpapers to....Read more

Things to do this summer if you’re not travelling

01st Jun 2015 [24 views]

Not booked for a vacation outside the city? Chill! Sit back and Beat the heat! Spend time and build memories in other ways. Spend time with Grandparents Spend quality time with grandparents listening to stories that you won’t find in any....Read more

Fantasy World Wallpapers to transport your kids to their dreamland

11th May 2015 [35 views]
image description

Customized Fantasy World wallpapers are a wonderful gift for children. They are unique, they reflect the child's identity and they also make your child feel special! They can be put up easily on walls. Hassle-free and mess-free, they don't....Read more

Simple ideas for kids to make this Mother’s Day special

05th May 2015 [22 views]
blog image

This is probably one word that is the smallest but has the longest and deepest meaning. When you think of mom, so many emotions and thoughts come to mind, don't they? Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, 10th May and we thought why not make her....Read more

Summer Kamp 2015 in Faridabad

28th Apr 2015 [22 views]

Summer vacations are long and we all want to maximize it to make it fun and productive for our little ones. So here is a camp that’s month long and has different activities lined up every day so that not a single day is boring!Summer vacations are....Read more

Military Bootcamp for Kids in Kolkata

28th Apr 2015 [34 views]

Attention Moms! Summer holidays are here and you are wondering what camps to enroll your kids in. Well here is a camp that’s not only fun, but also unique with loads of learning attached. The military drills provide great physical exercise and the....Read more

How to make kids fall in love with Numbers

21st Apr 2015 [40 views]

Moms across India loved our tips on 5 Fun Games to Improve English Grammar. Our next topic of discussion is Maths!! A word most children dread! Find it difficult to make your child sit down with a problem and get her/him to solve it? Let it be. Try....Read more

Interesting games to keep in the car for long drives

13th Apr 2015 [30 views]

After our blog Simple games to play in the car with kids, we were asked by a few parents if there are any specific games that can be kept and played in car during long journeys. Handing over an iPad to keep them occupied may seem like the easy....Read more

Talent Workshops – Sporty Kids Another Sack Race (Kolkata)

07th Apr 2015 [25 views]

Dads participating in the Sack Race! Super cool dads, we say....

Talent Workshops – Sporty Kids Dads & Kids Crawling (Kolkata)

07th Apr 2015 [32 views]

Dads and Kids crawl through the Obstacle Race!

Talent Workshops – Sporty Kids Prisha learns batting (Kolkata)

07th Apr 2015 [22 views]

Little Prisha learns to bat. Oh what fun!

Talent Workshops – Sporty Kids Dad Sack Race (Kolkata)

07th Apr 2015 [19 views]

Dads line up sportingly for a sack race and they did splendidly!

Talent Workshops – Sporty Kids Dad Child Obstacles Course (Kolkata)

07th Apr 2015 [17 views]

Dads and kids line up to run through the Obstacles Course!

Talent Workshops – Sporty Kids Champion Shaurya (Kolkata)

06th Apr 2015 [19 views]

Little Champion Shaurya Bhatnagar (6 years old only) learns heading in football! Go Shaurya Go!

Talent Workshops – Sporty Kids Champion Jahnvi (Kolkata)

06th Apr 2015 [21 views]

Little Champion Jahnvi Nahata (4 years old only) learns heading in football! Bravo

Talent Workshops – Sporty Kids Champion Pranay (Kolkata)

06th Apr 2015 [16 views]

Little Champion Pranay Patni (5 years old only) learns heading in football. A very hard working boy!

Talent Workshops – Sporty Kids Champion Harshita (Kolkata)

06th Apr 2015 [19 views]

Little Champion Harshita Toshniwal (5 years old only) learns heading in football. Way to go girl!

5 fun games to improve English Grammar

06th Apr 2015 [34 views]

After we saw how much moms loved our articles 7 Simple Games that Teach Kids About the Concept of Money and Simple Games to Play in the Car with Kids, we thought of sharing with you some great games that are not only fun but also improve Grammar.....Read more

Talent Workshops – Sporty Kids Double Hurdles (Kolkata)

01st Apr 2015 [19 views]

So you think you can do hurdles? Well our kids at the camp (4-8 years old only) can jump over double hurdles!! Bravo

Talent Workshops – Sporty Kids Football Practice (Kolkata)

01st Apr 2015 [18 views]

Kids having a ball learning football!

Gift a toy subscription – It’s smart, easy & memorable!

01st Apr 2015 [38 views]
Gift a toy subscription

My friend's daughter's birthday is coming up!……and what should we gift her becomes a million dollar question! How old is she? Does she like toys, puzzles or books? What if she already has the toy we plan to buy for her? What if someone else also....Read more

Talent Workshops – Sporty Kids (Kolkata)

31st Mar 2015 [19 views]

A snippet from our Sporty Kids workshop where kids are singing the Sport Beans song!

Around the World Birthday Party – for the globe trotters!

24th Mar 2015 [29 views]

After our last blog on Eco-friendly Birthay Party - for the socially conscious kids! Here is another interesting theme for you. Who doesn't like holidays and travel? And what better way to celebrate your birthday than to bring in the travel theme? ....Read more

Customized Wallpapers – Birthday Boy Yash Agarwal’s Reaction (Kolkata)

17th Mar 2015 [21 views]

Yash is a huge fan of Ronaldo. His parents gifted him a surprise Ronaldo wallpaper on his birthday. We installed it while he was at his birthday party and this video is his reaction when he came home and saw it in his room!

4 Tips on How to make kids keep their room clean & tidy

16th Mar 2015 [60 views]
messy room pic

It's the same story in every household every morning! 'Come on Kids, it is time to clean up your rooms' The kids whine, make excuses, feel tired early in the morning or outrightly refuse. The reminders turn into threats as the day passes by 'Clear....Read more

Toys as a service – Review by Mrs. Ginny Rana (Delhi)

12th Mar 2015 [21 views]

Thanks for your encouragement and the kind words! That's what keeps us going :) We are glad that Aadya & Aanavi are enjoying our service and actually look forward to the toyman's weekly visit! We strongly believe that toys as a service is the....Read more

Great games for Family Bonding

09th Mar 2015 [30 views]
great games for family bonding

Isn't it great when we spend time with our family members? To instill that feeling in kids, it's important to start working on building a strong bond right from the start. Kids must learn to sit down and spend time with family members on a daily....Read more

Simple games to play in the car with kids

03rd Mar 2015 [22 views]

We all know how important it is to spend time playing with our kids. Our blog Play with your Child! That’s what they really want was a reminder for parents to do just that. Using the time spent in the car during the journeys back from school or....Read more

Eco-friendly Birthday Party – for the socially conscious kids!

25th Feb 2015 [43 views]
eco-friendly party

Last time we focused on Arty Party – A tried and tested fun birthday party theme and now it's time to talk about a very unique and a socially conscious theme for kids - Eco-friendly party! This is a party with a difference. Recommended for kids....Read more

3 tips to make kindergarten kids love doing their homework

16th Feb 2015 [29 views]

After our blog about encouraging children to indulge in play dates, (Read Are children too busy with Structured Classes to enjoy unstructured Play Dates?), it is time to share some tips on how to make them do their homework! The moment they get out....Read more

Arty Party – A tried and tested fun birthday party theme

09th Feb 2015 [20 views]
arty party

Last time we focused on Movie Party – The simplest birthday party theme to execute and now it's time to talk about a different, but equally fun birthday theme – Arty Party. Who doesn't like art and who doesn't love mess!! This party needs a....Read more

The 5 mistakes Moms make

02nd Feb 2015 [25 views]

The 5 mistakes Moms make Disciplining kids is an uphill task. Period. After our blog about what one SHOULD do to encourage kids (Read Are you proud of your little one? The easiest way to encourage!), here's one about what NOT to do. With....Read more

Movie Party – The simplest birthday party theme to execute

27th Jan 2015 [31 views]

Last time we focused on Li’l Masterchef – A Superhit birthday party theme and now it’s time to talk about very simple, but equally fun birthday theme – Movie Party. It is the simplest party to execute because it does not require any....Read more

7 Simple Games That Teach Kids About The Concept of Money

21st Jan 2015 [41 views]

Kids between the age group of 3-6 years find it difficult to understand the concept of money. Which note denotes how much, why the difference in notes, why pay, how much to pay. But with these easy games, they will start understanding the concept....Read more

Li’l Masterchef – A Superhit birthday party theme

12th Jan 2015 [165 views]
lil masterchef

Pinning down an appropriate and fun theme is one of first things to do when planning a birthday party. Here is an interesting theme that is not only fun but even fairly simple to execute. Hope you gave fun doing this! Li’l Masterchef is a great....Read more

Top 5 unique birthday games for kids

29th Dec 2014 [135 views]
party games

How to keep kids entertained at birthday parties is always a stressful affair! To think of birthday games that are fun as well as different can be quite a task. Here are some tips. Housie with a difference - Antonyms....Read more

Best return gift ideas for kids birthday parties

13th Dec 2014 [226 views]

Birthday parties now are a big affair with a long to-do-list. From selecting an appropriate theme, to invites, decor, guest list, food, games etc and most importantly the return gifts. We all look out for gifts that are attractive, unique, useful....Read more

4 steps for best toy selection for your child when shopping

10th Jun 2014 [31 views]
toy selection

A visit to the toy store is not an easy one. With thousands of attractive looking toys on display, the decision can be confusing (and expensive). We often wonder how long will the child play with it, what will he/she learn. Well these may not be the....Read more

Mother’s Day – Raghvi says I LOVE YOU MOM because..

05th May 2014 [15 views]

Raghvi's Mom fulfills all her wishes for her and is the BEST Mamma in the world! We agree :)  

Return Gifts – Review by Ms. Priyanka Mohanty (Gurgaon)

23rd Apr 2014 [14 views]

Thank You Ms Priyanka Mohanty for your kind words! It was a pleasure making the Customized Drawstring Bags for your daughter's aquatic birthday party. We will surely add soft toys to our Return Gifts section

Are children too busy with Structured Classes to enjoy unstructured Play Dates?

21st Apr 2014 [21 views]
tired child

“My child has a busier routine than I have”. How many times have we heard this from a mom? Tennis, swimming, craft, music, taekwondo, ballet, karate and the list gets more exotic. It makes your friend’s eyebrows pop for sure – wow you are....Read more

Importance of Independent Play

21st Mar 2014 [17 views]

It’s quite a struggle when you need to catch up on work and your child says, “Mamma, please play with me”.  It is important for your child to learn to play alone sometimes. It makes them independent, confident and self reliant. They start....Read more

Are you proud of your little one? The easiest way to encourage!

20th Feb 2014 [28 views]
proud of your child

If the answer is YES, then say it to your child! And then say it again. Appreciating your child openly and regularly helps build self esteem and confidence. Encourage your little one and in no time you will find your child going out of his/her way....Read more

Toys as a service – Review by Ms. Vandana Kejriwal (Delhi)

17th Feb 2014 [20 views]

Thank You Ms Vandana Kejriwal for your kind words! Your talk motivates us to work harder. We will definitely work on your feedback to add more books to our library

What’s good for your child and what’s not!

10th Jan 2014 [21 views]

When something is potentially good for your child, we think. We really think. Will it really benefit my child, how will it benefit my child, how much will my child learn, is it value for money? When something is potentially bad for kids, we....Read more

Play with your child! That’s what they really want

01st Jul 2013 [22 views]
kid girl and mother playing colorful clay toy

In this rat race for time & success, who has the time to play? We often want to buy toys for our children that they can play with “themselves”. Is that enough? Are we just trying to rid ourselves of guilt by handing over expensive toys to....Read more

Are we teaching life skills to our children through board games?

22nd Jun 2013 [45 views]
life skills through board games

We came across a 6 year old girl that had never played Snakes & Ladders before. She didn’t know how to roll or read a dice, didn’t know how to count her way up the board and wait! She didn’t have the concept of waiting and taking turns!....Read more


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Big toys like ride-ons, slides, walkers, see-saw etc are universally loved by all children but they take up a whole lot of space at home! Baby gear rental and baby toy rental is a great way to give your child all these toys without blocking space at home. All you need to do is choose these toys on our website and order them. At a fraction of their cost, they will be delivered at your doorstep and your child can enjoy them for upto 2 weeks. Big rental toys are a huge saving in all ways. Take baby equipment on hire and save money and space

Play Zone for Parties
A mobile play area for birthdays, play dates, family get-togethers, weddings etc. Rent toys for birthday parties simply by choosing them online and we will come and set up the Play Zone for you. It is always the key attraction at every party

Unique Return Gifts
Birthdays are the most special day of the year for a child and parents go all out in making that day beautiful and memorable for their children. Return gifts are an integral part of the birthday party. All children love receiving gifts and they usually tear up the packing even before they get home! Arranging the best return gifts for birthday can be quite a time-taking task. It not only has to match the age group & theme, but also the budget. Choosing birthday return gifts online has great benefits. You can browse through a huge collection without having to step out of your home. With our unique range of return gifts for birthday party, you can easily have them delivered at your doorstep, irrespective of age, theme, interest or budget

Customized Wallpapers
Our rooms are a happy place, a nest to come back to after a long day! When designing a room, we pay a lot of attention to all aspects to make it as close to our personality. Using custom wallpaper is a great way to bring walls alive. Kids wallpaper can be designed to match every possible theme, colour and layout as one desires. Nautical or patterns, animal kingdom or outer space, music or nature, kids room wallpaper themes are limitless. Using photographs , doodles, cartoons and quotes, wallpaper for kids can be extremely customized. Our range of high-quality, high-definition wallpaper for kids room is truly the best gift you can give your child

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