A toy library to keep the tots happy

12th Mar 2016

Are your kids playing not playing enough? Are you kids playing too much? Do they not have enough toys? Are they bored of their old toys? has an answer for all these queries. The online lending library of toys, which has several branches in NCR and Hyderabad, has set up shop in Calcutta....

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Startup of the Year

16th Jan 2016

The designation names at Delhi/NCR based startup may really surprise you. Executive Founders Ritika Gupta and Neha Bhatnagar are designated as 'Chief Smile Officer and Chief Fun Officer' respectively. It is because of the nature of their work - spreading smile through toys.... 

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We succeed when a kid smiles

02nd Jan 2016

When you meet Ritika for the first time, you'll be pleased with her friendly smile and soft speech. As and when you get to know her better, you'll find in her an able entrepreneur with strong business skills. Ritika, along with her husband Deepak Gupta and Neha Bhatnagar, runs a unique 'kids focused company'....

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Musical evening in Fairy land

07th Dec 2015

Fairy tales are timeless. Revisiting a classic may tend to be tinged with skepticism but any doubts about the Broadway-style presentation of Cinderella and Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs at Kala Mandir over the Children's Day weekend were dispelled the moment Ella's stepmother and sisters broke into song in the first scene.... 

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Happiness Renewed Every Week With

06th Nov 2015

Spending on toys has always been considered as an expense and not an investment. As a kid, I remember painting, cycling, swimming, reading and watching television. But playing with toys, scarce. Learning was mostly done in a serious and disciplined environment. There was no understanding of phonics, no play way method of learning....

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Now, Rent a Toy!

23rd May 2015

In the era of video games, TV and internet, toys seem to have lost their sheen. But all thanks to the Friendly Toyz - a toy library, they are back in business. It's also a boon for parents, who are tired of buing toys. But at the same time, it is equally important for kids as it plays a vital role when it comes to the overall development of a child....

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Jazz up your living space with wallpapers

28th Jan 2015

The newly-launched restaurant The Factory Outlet (on the fifth floor of 22 Camac Street, next to Shisha) has one long wall done up with wallpaper with a Medusa motif. They had given us a very low resolution photo of a Medusa face with long golden hair, a design they wanted....

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Kids' Day Out

21st Jan 2015

On Sunday, t2 dropped in at a New Year party, where the average age of the revellers was between two years and six years. No, we aren't kidding. The Great Ballroom at The Lalit Great Eastern hosted Kids' Day Out, a fun-filled afternoon for little ones to have a blast. The more you play, the better you grow....

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Faridabad's Toy Library Saves Recurring Expenses

13th Dec 2013

The first toy library in the area proves to be an affordable option for parents coping with their children's demands. Vandana Kejriwal, mother of two, used to spend Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 every second month on buying expensive puzzles and toys for her children. Thanks to Friendly Toyz, an online toy library, she can rent different kinds of toys at an affordable price now....

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