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Thank you for being inquisitive about the most Easy, Economical and Green way to get your child the best branded toys for his/her overall physical, mental and social skill development!

Browse our vast toy library that is updated regularly and check value for money toy plans

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Start by simply Registering/Signing In. Please contact us if you need any help

Step 2

Choose from a wide range of toys, books, puzzles & much more to Create your Toy Wishlist. Its an opportunity to plan a great mix of toys for your kid instead of buying impulsively from the market

Step 3

Just sit back, relax and receive toys at your doorstep every week. The time saved in running around to buy toys is best spent in playing with your child!

Step 4

No need to store toys that kids play with only for a few days. Just Play, Learn & Return! Teach your child something new every week with different toys

So what are you waiting for, go to Step 1 and Be a Smart Parent!

The fun doesn't end here! We also have a vast 'Only books' library for you. If you wish to subscribe books only, refer to the collection at Weekly Book Service Library and subscription rates at Book Plans

Bulky toys take up a lot of space and can get quite expensive! Now you can rent them from us for a few weeks at a fraction of their cost! To view the catalogue, refer to Big Toys on Rent

We know how difficult it can get to plan birthday parties or play dates. Now, you can order an entire play zone (with toy pick & choose option) and we will set it up for you at the venue. To view the catalogue, refer to Play Zone for Parties








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