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1. What do you mean by Skill development friendly toys?

Our brain loves to play and learn. Toys are a great medium for learning, that help children develop life skills and also make them confident and positive. At every growth stage, your child requires different types of toys for developing different skills, like Motor Skills, Hand Eye Co-ordination, Memory, Problem Solving, Reading & Language, Discovery & Learning, Social Skills, Imagination & Creativity. Each toy plays a different role in the growth of your child. We carefully select toys that will help your child develop the right skills at the right age

2. What kind of toys do you have in your library?

0 to 3 years
A toddler moves around in the environment a lot (walking, climbing, pushing, riding). A strong interest in manipulating and problem solving with objects begins during this period and can be encouraged with Push-pull toys, Musical toys, Simple puzzles, Shape sorters, Peg boards, Movement games, Large beads, Blocks, Stacking rings, Picture books

3 to 6 years
Preschoolers love to be around other children and enjoy sharing many kinds of activities. To increase observation power, strengthen determination, build confidence and enhance imagination and problem solving skills, they should be exposed to Pretend Play, Puzzles, Large bead-threading and lace sets, Sports equipment, Simple games, Storybooks

6 to 9 years
A school-age child seeks out new information, experiences and challenges in play. Their memory, concentration, problem solving and social skills get sharpened with Board games, Coordination or memory games, Complex puzzles, Books

9 to 12 years
A pre-teen is independent, yet thrives on play with other children. Their logical, analytical, communication and advanced social skills can be greatly enhanced with Strategy games, Brain challenging games, Advanced Board games, Books

3. What's the difference between Weekly toy service and taking toys on rent?

Weekly toy service works like a magazine subscription where toys keep coming at your doorstep week after week once you create a Wishlist. You do not have to remember and order for toy exchange(s) each time. Weekly toy service saves time for parents and is a hassle free way to ensure a continuous supply of exciting and learning oriented toys for kids.

If you are renting a toy(s), you have to place a request for the respective toy(s) each time

4. What do you mean by minimum holding period?

Some toys in the library have a high engagement period with kids and they love to play again & again with them! These toys have a holding period of 2 weeks. Such toys are typically high in value also. Once you order them, they will not be exchanged the next week like most other toys. They will remain with you for the minimum no. of weeks assigned to the toy(s) and will be exchanged after that only.

For example, if you have a 2 toys a week plan, and 1 toy ordered by you has a minimum holding period of 2 weeks, after 1 week the Toyman will exchange the regular 1 week holding period toy only and the 2nd toy will be exchanged after another 1 week

5. What is a Value for Money Calculator?

This inbuilt calculator is integrated with our toy plans. It will help you to choose an appropriate plan to sign up for, based on your need and budget. As you click on any subscription plan, the calculator tells you

1. # of toys your child gets - How many total number of toys you will get during the period you are signing up for
2. Total avg. MRP worth of toys - What is the approximate amount you will have to spend, if you buy these many toys from the market
3. Plan total (You pay) - What is the plan amount you will pay to get these toys under subscription
4. 1 week cost per toy - The playing cost per week per toy based on the plan selected

6. I am only interested in taking books from your library. Is there an option?

Yes. You can exclusively take books from our library if you wish. The Plan for books only subscription is Book Plans and the collection can be viewed at Book Library. Under such a plan, you cannot borrow any toys as well as some exclusive books like Grolier etc.

7. Can I switch between Weekly toy service and Weekly book service?

Yes, you can switch between any plans at any point of time. We simply pro-rate your remaining amount (if applicable) and adjust/charge accordingly

8. How does Big Toys on rent work?

Existing Weekly toy service subscribers can order Big Toys likes slides, doll houses etc in the Big Toys on Rent catalogue under their regular subscription plans. Only a logistics fee will be charged. For non-subscribers, each big toy has an additional deposit and rental fee

9. How does Play Zone for Parties work?

If you are planning a party, play date or any kind of get together where you want to keep kids busy, you can hire a play zone from us for the party. You need to decide the area that you want to cover, check date availability, choose toys from our play zone catalogue, select location and book with minimum 50% advance payment. For more FAQs on Play Zone for Parties, go to the FAQ tab in 'View Details' of any Play Zone type

10. If my child likes the toy, can I make an extension?

Yes, you can make an extension request over phone/email at least 2 days prior to the scheduled return. The minimum extension period is 1 week and multiples thereafter. The extension for Weekly toy service will count against your subscription period. For big toys on rent, the rental fee will be pro-rated for the extension period and adjusted from the security deposit amount

11. If my child likes the toy, can I buy it?

Yes. If your child likes a toy and would like to own it, we will be happy to sell a fresh piece to you at great discounts on MRP. To place an order, just mail us at or call +91 8800 100 547

12. How do I create a Wishlist for my child?

You can create a Wishlist after signing into your account. Toys can be filtered according to age and/or skill and be added to the Wishlist. You can later add/delete toys from your Wishlist. You can also let us know your Wishlist over phone after checking our online toy library.

We try our best to send you toys as per your Wishlist. For that to happen, we strongly recommend that your Wishlist be atleast 4x times the toy plan at all times (1 toy plan – atleast 4 toys in the Wishlist, 2 toys plan – atleast 8 toys in the Wishlist, 3 toys plan – atleast 12 toys in the Wishlist)

You may consult our toy advisors for selecting the most approriate toys as per your child's age and interest

13. What if I do not create a Wishlist?

If you do not create a Wishlist, our toy advisors use their expertise and knowledge to pick the most skill development friendly toys based on your child's age and interest. The toy(s) issued by our toy advisors cannot be rejected at the time of delivery or it will be counted as a failed delivery (retention of previous toys for another week). However, you do have the option of calling us atleast 1 day prior to the delivery day and check about the toys going to be delivered.

Wishlist creation is mandatory if you want to get toys as per your own choice

14. How many toys do you deliver on a monthly basis?

We make weekly deliveries as follows:

4 deliveries in 1 month

12 deliveries in 3 months

24 deliveries in 6 months

15. How do you assign delivery days? Do you do deliveries on all days?

Deliveries are scheduled as per zones allocated to each subscriber depending on the area one resides in. Each zone is covered on a specific day(s) (morning/evening). We do deliveries on all days except Sundays (India) and Saturdays (Nepal)

16. What are the delivery charges?

There are no delivery and pick up charges. Unbelievable but true!

17. Do I have to pay any security deposit for the toys?

There is a security deposit taken at the time of registration. The deposit is returned back if the subscription is discontinued for any reason

18. How do I make payments?

Payments can be made via the most convenient option - Cash on Delivery (CoD). The registration fee, subscription amount and refundable security deposit has to be paid at the time of first delivery. Online payment option is not available for Weekly toy service

19. How do I renew my account?

Whenever your account is due for renewal, you have to pay at the time of your last due pick up or earlier. Once you make the cash payment, a cash receipt will be handed over to you instantly

20. Once I sign up for a plan, can I upgrade to a higher toy plan or a longer duration plan?

Yes. Once the subscription period for the initial plan expires, you can easily pick another plan at the time of renewal. In case you want a plan change before the expiry of the initial plan, we will calculate the proportional incremental amount you need to pay after accounting for the unexpired period and upgrade your plan accordingly

21. What happens if a toy is damaged?

We keep the best quality toys in our library and always ensure that they are delivered in good condition. While normal wear and tear is acceptable, in case the toy is rendered damaged, a fee will be applied depending on the extent of damage. For eg. in case of a puzzle, if a piece is missing, the price of the puzzle will be charged but in case a replaceable part goes missing then only the cost of the replaceable part is charged. As your child knows that toys are to be returned every week, he/she will learn to keep the toys in good condition, making him/her responsible for his/her belongings.

For more details, please refer ‘Damage or Loss’ section in our Terms & Policies

22. Do you provide batteries for battery operated toys?

New toys generally don’t come with batteries but we do provide good quality batteries with all battery operated toys so that your child can start playing with them as soon as he/she gets the toy(s).

Before each delivery, we ensure that the batteries are operational. However, if the batteries get discharged after the toy is delivered, you will have to use your own batteries which can be taken out before the toy is returned back to us

23. What will happen if I am not at home at the time of delivery?

A failed delivery will be treated as a retention. It will be accounted for in the same way as if you were taking a new item for the coming week and will be counted towards your weekly entitlement

24. What will happen if I am out of town during my subscription period?

During the subscription period should you decide to not avail of deliveries for a specific week for whatever reason, and you intimate us atleast 2 days in advance about the service postponement, your unused service will be carried forward. If we do not receive a request for service postponement atleast 2 days in advance, your unused service cannot be carried forward and will be deemed to have lapsed

25. Can I Suggest a Toy that is not presently there in your Library?

Of course! If you want to order particular toys/books that are not there in our library, you can simply email us the exact name and brand of the toys/books. Upon receiving your request, we will source it for you and add it to our library. The toys have to be branded as we do not keep local/unbranded toys in our library

26. I have many old/unused toys lying at home. Can you help in recycling these toys?

We all know that kids get bored of the same toys in a few days and they bring no value to anyone by being stacked in cupboards and shelves at home. Many parents send in their old toys to us. We help bring them back into circulation by donating them to NGOs that in turn make them available to needy kids in villages and elsewhere. If the toys are brand new/almost new, we may add them to our toy library for a few weeks, freeing up your clutter and reducing carbon footprint. You may also earn some free weeks of subscription/discount vouchers redeemable on our website in that case. Ultimately, all toys from our library are donated to NGOs. If you wish to recycle old/unused toys, please click here








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