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Graduation, Qualifications, MNC work experience, Accolades, Marriage, Kids. Chaos! The story of so many talented women out there. Struggling to meet stringent work deadlines on one hand and ensuring timely vaccinations on the other. Staying up late to submit the jazzy PowerPoint presentation and waking up early to spend time with the baby. Dedicated to such talented & caring mothers, friendlytoyz.com is a company that is run by mothers and focused on kids.

friendlytoyz.com started as a first of its kind 'Toys as a service' with the objective of providing children with the right toys at the right age for their skill development. We wanted to make the whole experience hassle free and easy on the pocket for parents, while keeping children productively occupied. What started as a local service in Faridabad, very soon became the service of choice across Delhi/NCR. Be it free home delivery, automatic exchange of toys, flexibility of service postponement, detailed instruction sheet with every toy, customized toy jackets or easy to understand & economical subscription plans, we strive to make the whole experience truly memorable for both kids and parents. Today, we have a comprehensive toys as a service portfolio with the addition of Weekly Book Service Library, Big Toys on Rent and Play Zone for Parties.

We took over our biggest competitor in Gurgaon - Toypedia, to become the largest toy library in Delhi/NCR in terms of subscribers as well as toy collection. In less than a year's time we acquired another Gurgaon based toy library Khilona. We were ranked #1 Kids Library/Activity Center in India by Parents & Kids Choice Awards 2015 (RivoKids).

As our subscriber base kept increasing and so did the pats on our back for offering a great service, we ventured into providing some amazing return gifts for birthday parties, customized wallpapers for kids rooms and interesting workshops for children. To add to that we got into printing of wrapping papers and party balloons too. All these products are available all across India today! We recently launched a new initiative Fun Pickle that is focused on unique events and activities for kids.

Alongside this exciting journey, our endeavor is to create a wholesome & meaningful platform for talented and caring mothers who are looking for low investment, quick start, entrepreneurial, kids related work options. Some write for us, some create unique products, some drive events for kids, some engage in sales & marketing, some promote interesting services through us and so on. We offer a diverse range of flexible work options to women via associate, reverse associate, blogging, workshop modules & franchisee programs. Our resolve has been strengthened by the recent award Startup of the Year.

We started our multi city operations in Kolkata and our first franchisee went live in Hyderabad. Soon we launched our first international franchisee in Nepal. Our vision is to build a company that brings together the coolest products & services for kids, provides best value for money & saves time for parents, and is run by Moms. And who knows kids better than a Mom?








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